Reasons to upgrade furnace : Most times a furnace upgrade becomes a necessity as old furnace either becomes too costly to repair compared to new or parts are unattainable. Catastrophic failure of heat exchanger is a main cause of furnace failure. Lack of regular service is another culprit.The upside of a furnace replacement is the minimum efficiency required by building code is 92 %. An old furnace may run half of this so an upgrade will save operating costs. Not to mention the benefits to the environment.

old furnace approximately 50 efficiency     old style hot water tank

Dean F.
Greg is really an expert at what he does. He's conscientious and has great work ethic. He helped me troubleshoot my furnace troubles over the phone! And then when we did need a repair, he had to order a part & got things fixed as quickly as possible in the cold weather. Highly recommend.
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Greg has provided great advice to me in the past when I was having issues with my furnace, and has recently installed a new hot water tank in my home. I was very impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. We will definitely use him for all of our future home and water heating needs. Very competetive pricing and he knows his stuff.
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We're been a customer for couple years, happy with the service, friendly people and they get the job done I highly recommended.