Gas Range & Cook Top Hook Ups

Natural gas stoves are more energy saving than an electric stove and much more desirable to cook on.  If you decide to install a new gas stove or you want to replace an old gas stove, Greg can help you out and ensure your complete satisfaction of the installation.It's often frustrating for many homeowners when needing to run Gas Line or to install gas appliances. As a journeyman gas fitter for 27 years, Greg will work around your needs, and can install new gas line, relocate/reinstall gas lines and to install gas stove, gas dryer or other gas appliances as needed.

Outdoor BBQ Line & Boxes

Are you tired of running out of propane when it is time to fire up the grill? Time to install a natural gas grill so that you never have to worry about propane tanks ever again.. We install the gas piping from the main gas line of your house to your gas grill location. Top quality stainless steel BBQ box with a quick disconnect finish off the installation to a professional standard and look.

Outdoor Kitchen Hook Ups

if you are considering extending your living space footprint by creating an outdoor kitchen installation in your backyard, you are part of a growing trend. Who doesn’t want to be outside on a beautiful sunny day, to cook, to eat, to entertain, and to play?  Whether you're adding a gas grill or full, gas powered outdoor kitchen, we've got the gas solution for you.

Pool Heater Hook Ups

Gas pool heaters are a fast and efficient way to heat your pool. A gas heater can heat your pool in a matter of hours in most cases as compared to solar and electric options. You can increase the temperature of your pool by 10° – 30°, depending on your pool size and environmental factors. Gas heaters can be used as a stand-alone heating product or used in combination with solar heating.

Patio Heater Installations

Extend your living and entertaining space without the hassle and risks associated with open fires.  Heat your outdoor space through radiant heating technology, rather than an isolated space directly under a heater created year round comfort.  

Garage Heater Installations

We all know the awful feeling of leaving your house and getting into a freezing car on the coldest days of the year. When you add a garage heater you won’t have to! Garage heaters also help eliminate cold starts and keep your vehicle in good condition year round. They allow you to use your garage for those projects or hobbies when you'd otherwise have to rely on the nice weather. Besides all those benefits, garage heaters can make this space a safe spot for animals to stay in the winter, instead of being stuck in the cold weather outside. Also keeping all your ATV , boats , snow mobile, dirt bike or stored gear dry during the cold months.

Hot Water On Demand Systems

Tank less water heaters , on demand water heaters and  instantaneous water heaters are different names for the same thing - domestic hot water systems that do not include the storage tank that comes with traditional water heaters.   This type of water heating system can be advantageous when they use gas-fired as opposed to electrical heating. These heaters may also be known as  'inline water heaters', 'continuous flow heaters', 'instantaneous waters' or 'flash heaters'. Wilson Home Haeting handles various products to fulfill that want for never running out of hot water.

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Dean F.
Greg is really an expert at what he does. He's conscientious and has great work ethic. He helped me troubleshoot my furnace troubles over the phone! And then when we did need a repair, he had to order a part & got things fixed as quickly as possible in the cold weather. Highly recommend.
Jen N.
Greg has provided great advice to me in the past when I was having issues with my furnace, and has recently installed a new hot water tank in my home. I was very impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. We will definitely use him for all of our future home and water heating needs. Very competetive pricing and he knows his stuff.
Sundown Storage
We're been a customer for couple years, happy with the service, friendly people and they get the job done I highly recommended.